The Kind of Futon for your inspiration

The Kind of Futon

Futon is a thin mattress filled with cotton batting or similar material, and grew up on a collapsible frame. This type of mattress is also referring to a sofa that can turn into a bed when you unfold it, himself in the Japanese language and means mattresses sold in stores.



Traditional Japanese

a Japanese consists of a set Shikibuton, Kakebuton, Mofu and Makura. Shikibuton is the type of mattress, Kakebuton is a type of blanket, Mofu referring to the blanket and Makura is a pillow. originally created from straw with a uniform size. This type of mattress is bordered by plain cloth and packed with straw. It is  can be folded and stored in a closet during the daytime. This is done so that the tatami floor can breathe. In Japan are used on tatami floor.

By day serves as a sofa, and can be a bed at night. Basically this mattress serves to save space. Sofa beds have a pillow that is usually filled with cotton batting and you can find him in a variety of colors, sizes and fabric. used for sleeping and sit. It  provide good back support. In Japan are usually taken out in the sun and sometimes beaten with a stick to pick up dust.

futon chair


in the west has been around since the early 70s. Because the price is cheap and practical nature of this type of mattress is in great demand there. At first most of the users are student’s sofa beds, first time home owners and apartment dwellers. After the 1970s become very popular in America. Now comes in luxurious colors and fabrics.

Western-style are thicker and larger than Japanese futons types. This resembles a conventional furniture filled with foam and hit on a number of layers. Western-style has gained popularity from the Japanese because they are cheaper and more convenient than traditional Japanese. Western have strong frames and are usually made ​​of solid wood that can withstand strong pressure. There are three types of frames available in western style, bifold, trifold and loveseat.

futon mattress


For a bifold sofa that folds into two is the best choice. This is also very good for any conversion from bed to sofa. Trifold is kind of folds that can be folded into three folds and they are provided for long. is very useful for those of you who have a narrow room.

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