How To Create The Beautiful Garden

How To Create The Beautiful Garden

Beautiful Garden If you want to make beautiful gardening for your home then a plan is needed. park planning process began with an analysis of the situation. You should be aware of, what is the value and what are the disadvantages of the park that you create. At first you expect a view of the Beautiful garden – for natural areas, to the hills or the lake – the mark on all plan views, which you consider valuable. Mark also be important – from terrace, the living room in the home or elsewhere, you will often be used.

After the analysis process , then you should do next is the planning phase , the poses are 6 important aspects you should consider :

Beautiful Garden

garden design

1The functionality is the first aspect of garden planning and most importantly Due park plan shall be made in accordance with the functional zone of the region . So the first task is to divide into functional zones.  Eachwill you wake up in your house should have a representative zone .Zone representatives have the meaning that should be interesting decorative throughout the year . Therefore, it is often used in the area of green plants representative , the plant , which has a beautiful silhouette , ornamental leaves and annual flowers in summer . I suggest to put a special decorative objects of art as well in a zone representative

2. ecological aspect is the most important aspect number two. You are advised to appreciate the natural values ​​of the park was the plant Select the appropriate environment with ecological conditions and soil structure of your home . Carefully evaluate the natural values ​​of the site you are – do not rush to cut trees, shrubs and eliminate the natural biotope.

garden ideas

garden ideas

3.The third is the virtual aspect . This means that the composition of the artistic – how it really looks like ? The composition of the park such as the type of art must be harmonious , based on the choice and well-proportioned . You must still connect the concept with the existing situation .

4.The next most important aspect is the historical aspect does not hurt to consider this aspect , because the park should be planned in accordance with the historical style of the building .

5.The fifth is the symbolic aspect of planning can be critical in the park with symbolic meaning .

small garden ideas

small beautiful garden ideas

6. a psychological aspect is very important and absolutely necessary .This is important so that people in the park to feel comfortable, relaxed and not restricted or stressed by anything in the park . There are different environmental factors , which have an impact on our perception of the park ( eg, breadth , complexity , mystery , flexibility , uniqueness , light , color , contrast , materials etc ) and they should be adjusted to the optimal level of park users , when creating a Beautiful Garden design . The optimal level is not the same for everyone – everyone has a different optimal levels for each environmental factor .

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