Smart Recycling For Girl Bedroom Designs

Smart Recycling for Girl Bedroom Designs – Making girls bedroom design is rather complicated than boy’s. Girl has many goods that usually put in the bedroom. It’s why there are many furniture that girl bedroom need. But if you, as a parent, don’t have enough money to buy all the furniture and the accessories for redecorating your beautiful daughter, follow some smart recycling tips bellow.

Smart Girl Bedroom Designs


For the oldies cupboard, you can paint it with any pictures. Your daughter’s favorite cartoon or girly pictures can make the cupboard as if it’s new one. Put the ribbons in the cup of lamp or the curtain. It will deliver sweet effect for the room. You can do it for other furniture.



Does your daughter like collecting the photos or pictures? You can make a place for them by making frame from Styrofoam and mica. You just need glue and cutter to make it. you can make hanging frame or sitting one. Put the photos inside the frame. Then place it in the wall or desk. If you want to make the frame look more artistic, add beads or button on it.



Don’t forget to make a place for her book, too. Use the wooden milk crates and stack them. Add some accessories for better appearance, such as paint it. Then, it can be used as bookshelves.




If you have some useless old boxes, don’t throw it out. It can be used as storage boxes for you daughter’s bedroom. You just need  to decorate it by painting and add old pictures. It will give shabby effect if you use pink or mint green color to decorate it.




Isn’t it easy and cheap to remake up your daughter bedroom? You just need old goods and creativity so you can make her cheer up because of new look bedroom. That’s just some ideas and you can still explore other ideas from with the old goods for your little princess bedroom. good luck!

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Smart Girl Bedroom Designs