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A meditation room design can be a place to unwind while contemplating life, and it ought to be a quiet and relaxing space. It ought to look peaceful and welcoming, also it should feel as comfortable as a cloud. Designing the room can be easy when keeping the basics at heart. Idyllic, the space must not include distractions of any type. Electronics along with other unnecessary items could be moved out, and simple furnishings could be added with serenity and luxury at heart.



I setup a little meditation room design to get a client. She had one additional room in their home, and she wanted it solely for quiet thoughts and contemplation. She’d an extremely stressful occupation, and it was certainly one of her outlets for anxiety. With her input, I started designing the space. I had nothing you’ve seen prior created a space of this type, also it was obviously a chance to learn in ways than a single. The outcomes were nothing short of extraordinary.

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Start out with Pure White Walls along with a Sky Blue Ceiling

When coming up with a meditation room, begin with the walls and ceiling. Paint the walls crisp white, and consider a sky blue ceiling. It is possible to create puffy white clouds employing a simple sponge painting technique. The walls will look in good working order, and the blue sky gives the meditation room a natural feel. Blue is a very calming color, so when combined with white it’s ideal for meditation and relaxation.


Let Natural Light Shine In

If privacy isn’t a concern, forget about drapes and window treatments. Let sun light shine in. Sunlight is energy, and meditation while relaxing over patches of day light can be a fantastic experience. Otherwise, choose natural eco-friendly bamboo blinds including liners. They can be retracted to improve lighting levels during daytime hours.

Install a Sunlight Ceiling Fixture

Once i began designing the meditation room design for my client, I suggested an original ceiling fixture. I located an attractive light fixture that has been a contemporary interpretation of the sun. My client loved the thought, plus it was perfect against the blue sky ceiling. Her meditation room was tranquil and exquisite, but we were not finished designing the space.

Add Natural Exotic Bamboo floors

The meditation room floor was covered with wall to wall carpeting, also it was extremely worn. The unsightly carpeting brought on the entire look of the space, also it was unacceptable. I suggested exotic bamboo floors. Since bamboo is natural and environmentally friendly, it had been your best option.

Furnish the area having a Comfortable Meditation Chair

The past accessory for the meditation room was also one of the most important. I needed my client choose a meditation chair. They’re typically low down, ergonomically correct and exceptionally comfortable. Some designers suggest using beanbag style chairs, but they’re most certainly not your best option. After all, why bother designing a space for thoughtful contemplation if it will not range from the proper seating? Comfort is much more important than style and color when designing a meditation room.

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