Modern Luxury Interiors Tricks With Limited Budget

Being an owner of modern luxurious interior home is a big proud. Not all people are able to have it because luxury is a symbol of wealthy. However, artificial luxury can be invited to your home if you do wanna have it.


The most important thing that you should prepare is creativity. Maybe, you’ll ask why don’t money that should be prepared for buying these luxuries. It’s because you should do some tricks with available goods to turn them to more luxurious one. Sounds like great idea, isn’t it? Let’s try some tricks bellow.


Color Play
Modern style always delivers minimalist concept but still stylish. It usually uses neutral colors, such as black, white, grey, or brown. Pastel colors are also can be alternative. These colors are applied boldly for delivering minimalist effect. You can apply these minimalist colors to all interior or certain one that you wanna. To make it looked luxurious, combine these colors with some sparkle one. Some of the sparkle colors which can represent luxury are gold and silver. However, don’t apply too many sparkles because it can cause modern effect to disappear.




“Make Over”
You have some goods that useless, or they have been too old, don’t you? Don’t throw them away. They will be very useful for your dream luxurious house. We can recycle these ex-goods or do “make over” toward them into luxurious goods, so they can be used as furniture or accessories. For example here is recycling cans. Paint the cans with modern-look colors then give some sparkle touch, like beads. Your recycling cans can be used as vas and your flower will appear more luxurious.


Luxurious-look-like Accessories
Well, it needs money, but not too much. Go shopping to flea market and look for luxurious market that you need there. Sometimes, we can find cheap unique goods, and it can be better quality and more luxurious than in the home interior shop. Remember, second hand goods doesn’t mean second quality one.


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